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Paper Melange

As long as I can remember I was always making things…anything

creating patterns for clothes, purses, jewelry, growing a garden…

drawing, painting and sketching everything around me.

After receiving a fine arts degree in design and illustration,  I began a career as a designer and art director. I realized I loved making  beautiful things.  A variety of projects over the years have drawn me towards my current interest in fine stationery, invitations, and greeting cards.  These pieces are almost like small canvases whereby I can create a beautiful piece of art.

As an illustrator, I love reinterpreting objects and bringing it to life in several mediums such as pastel, watercolor and pencil. To see a landscape, shell, flower, tree or chair become a beautiful thing that makes you happy just looking at, is very satisfying. My inspiration comes from everything around me. I make my home in Corona del Mar, California, steps from the sand. Textures, colors, music, nature, the sea and a multitude of books and ephemera ignite the spark that my creativity thrives on. A simple leaf can become something so beautiful. Clean and simple palettes and solutions are an inherent quality in my work. Everything is handmade with beautiful cotton papers, fine ribbon, adornments and embellishments.

Paper Melange is the Art of the printed word. Custom design and illustration on a canvas of your choice. It would be my pleasure to create something that expresses and represents the beauty of your occasion.




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