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Paper Mélange has a New Look and Blog

March 20, 2017


Paper Mélange would like to invite you to visit our new site and to visit our new blog at

Browse through the collection of handmade invitations and other beautiful papers specifically designed and created for any celebration or special occasion.


Hand Painted Wedding Maps by Paper Mélange

September 15, 2016

Maps are a beautiful keepsake for the bride and groom. This one was for a destination wedding in Ravello Italy, on the Amalfi Coast. It is one of the most gorgeous places in Italy. I thought it would nice to create this piece in sepia ink.


Valentine Love from Paper Mélange

February 10, 2016

I love making Valentine’s Day cards. This year I was inspired by a pretty vintage garden feel. And what’s Valentine’s Day without a bit of glitter? During the process of creating my cards I document the stages to see how it all comes together from a black and white sketch to the final color. Take a look at past Valentine’s Day cards in this section of my gallery;


The Story of The Sixpence

January 8, 2016


We have all heard the saying, “Something borrowed, something blue, something old something new. But do you know the historical origins of this tradition? I thought it might be fun to share this little tradition with you!

A Sixpence was a coin used in the British Empire beginning in 1551. In the middle ages, the people were very superstitious. They believed that much of their life was controlled by evil spirits. Anything they could do to ward of those spirits was wise. They felt that those evil spirits were particularly present during rites of passage, such as weddings, so it was important to use good luck charms to keep the bride and groom safe on their wedding day. Any type of talisman from a horseshoe to a lucky coin was considered a good omen.

During the early 1600’s it was customary for the Lord of the Manor to give his bride a piece of silver as a wedding gift. This was symbolically represented by a sixpence coin. It later became a tradition to include a sixpence in the dowry that was given by the bride’s family to the groom. That tradition of the sixpence as a symbol of good luck continues today.

Some families have passed down the same sixpence through the generations to continue the hopes for good luck to future brides. Some brides seek out a sixpence minted in the year of their parents or grandparents wedding.

Whatever your something borrowed, something blue, something old or something new may be on your wedding day, Good luck to you !


Hand Painted Wedding Invitation by Paper Mélange

August 18, 2015

A gorgeous destination wedding on Lake Como, Italy, was quite an inspiration for this custom hand painted wedding invitation. The Villa del Balbianello perched atop a lush hillside overlooks the lake of transparent hues of emerald greens and turquoise blues. Having traveled there myself, I can say that it is one of the most beautiful locations in Italy. I loved creating and painting this map with other details throughout the invitation. This was truly a pleasure!


Lovely Linen and Letterpress

May 15, 2015

I would like to share with you this wedding suite I created for a wonderful couple. Beautiful calligraphy, letterpress and linen with a copper nail head detail make this a truly lovely combination. 


Garden inspirations

June 12, 2014

in-the-garden-post The spring has been a busy time around the studio at Paper Melange. Particularly in the garden.. I had 2 wren houses that had at least 6 babies in each.. and they were busy from sunrise to sunset, building the nests and caring for their little ones. As summer approaches everything is in a state of lush green and the scent of gardenia and lavendar fills the air. A lot of painting inspiration surrounds me…